About Delta-Vir


In the last decades, immuno therapies against cancer have been an international research focus. Delta-Vir’s parent company, the IOZK, has been a driving force in translating this knowledge base into the development of therapies and making these available to patients. The focus has been on establishing the safety of the therapy as well as ensuring a good quality of life for the patient during and after the treatment.


Delta-Vir was established to conduct clinical studies. In order to conduct, our product has to be produced according to the highest quality standards (GMP – good manufacturing practice). The requirements of the European Medicines Agency and good clinical practice (GCP) are adhered to. Our product is an innovative cell therapy and is classified as an advanced therapy medicinal product (ATMP). The proof of concept studies to optimise our product are currently being conducted at the IOZK in Cologne.


If you are interested in treatment options, please contact the IOZK.



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